"Where do people meet today?  Really meet
and talk?  Through a traffic accident, a meeting
is forced between two adults with different
lives and values.

The script by
Jeff Baron touches you and is of
immediate interest in a world more and more
shadowed by suspicious looks at neighbors and
people different from oneself.

The ability to love and empathy are discussed
here at a level easy to accept.  One day you
might be there: old and helpless, or young and

Nina Marjavaara, Jönköpings-Posten  
The Swedish production began in 2005.  
Presented by
TEATER 'i', directed by Cleo Boman,
Mr Green får besök features Stanislaw
as Mr. Green and Jesper Arin as
Ross Gardiner.  It began performances in 2005,
and continued to tour Sweden in 2006.