"Teatro Bellas Artes has a success in its
hands.  The room was full, and when you
left the theatre, you floated on the
contagious sensation of complete fultillment
to have spent two hours in such wonderful
company.  The fulfillment of well-made
theatre, of the highest professionalism, of
Marcos Ordóñez, El Pais
Visitando al Sr. Green began its
life in Spain in December, 2005
with performances in Aviles and
Segovia.  It played for three
months at
Teatro de Bellas Artes
in Madrid, then toured Spain for
over a year, with a long stay in
Barcelona and other Spanish cities.

Juan Echanove, the celebrated
Spanish actor made his directorial
debut, working with two of his
most respected colleagues,
José Otegui
as Mr. Green and
Pere Ponce as Ross Gardiner.
Set design by Ana Garay.
The actors with director Juan Echanove.
Author Jeff Baron at the premiere.
Visiting Mr. Green