south africa
"It is only once in a long
while that a play arrives in
town unheralded and,
against all expectations,
proves itself to be such a
gem that it holds you in its
thrall from beginning to
Visiting Mr. Green
is just such a work and
one which will shine in the
memory for years to
-The Johannesburg Star
"Every so often a play
comes along with a script
which imprints itself on
the mind of the audience
and lingers long after the
final curtain call.  Such is
Jeff Baron's
Visiting Mr. Green.

Laid bare with poignancy
and passion is the searing
pain inflicted by religious
custom and the societal
imposition of so-called
accepted norms and its
rejection of anything
outside of this framework.

Happily, the generosity of
the human spirit finally
prevails in a
heartwarming and deeply
satisfying climax."
The Methodist
"It is doubtful you are
likely to encounter a play
more enjoyable, more
honestly funny and in the
end, more moving than
this quite delightful
two-hander by New Yorker
Jeff Baron.  

Sensitively directed and
acted, there is not a false
note to be detected
anywhere. You will leave
the theatre, as I did,
warmed, exhilarated and
reassured that as long as
there are people who can
reach people, life is not
really so bad after all."  -
The Johannesburg
Visiting Mr. Green played in Johannesburg,
Pretoria and Capetown in 1999 and again in 2001.