The Greek Visiting Mr. Green
was an overwhelming success.  It
swept every category of the
Out Athens Theatre Awards
.  It
played for two full seasons in
Athens and several months in
Thessaloniki.  Mr. Green was
played by
, who also
directed.  Ross Gardiner was
Gerasimos Skiadaresis.

When you arrived at the theatre,
there was a saxophone player
outside on the street playing.  
When the play began, the lights
went down and that same sax
player walked across the stage on
the street above Mr. Green's
basement apartment playing a
mournful tune.

The Greek translation by
was recently published by
Heridanos Publications.  The title in
Greece translates as
Thursday, Mr. Green"
12 years after his award-winning production of Κάθε Πέμπτη
κύριε ΓκρηνVi
("Every Thursday, Mr. Green"), which ran for
two seasons in Greece,
Giorgos Michalakopoulos returns to
Athens in October with a new production, co-starring
.  The design team from the original production
reunites to re-conceive the play for a new production at the
Anesis Theatre.