Klockriketeatern, a respected theatre company
that performs in the Swedish-speaking part of
Helsinki, had a big success with Mr. Green får
.  The translation was done by Martin
(above), who played Mr. Green.  The
director was
Kristin Olsoni (right, holding the
umbrella).  Ross was played by
Joachim Wigelius
(below right).  The play was so popular that it was
revived several times.

A True Pearl at Klockriketeatern       

"What a  performance Klockriketeatern treats us
to!  It has to become the theatrical success of the
spring in town.  It's the Nordic premiere of the play
written by the American Jeff Baron. It has received
the KulturPreis Europa in 2001. It’s not surprising.

This is a play with its arms full of warmth.  One
reason for theatre is to increase our understanding
of ourselves and other people’s lives. This story
succeeds in that, without a shallow happy end.  We
carry with us a peaceful feeling of trust, that the
star of goodness shines somewhere."

- review by Ingalill Österberg
Visiting Mr. Green