Now in its sixth season touring The
Czech Republic,
Návštěvy u pana
Greena stars noted Czech actors
Stanislav Zindulka as Mr. Green and
now Daniel Tůma as Ross. With a
translation by
Benjamin Kuras, Visiting
Mr. Green is directed by award-winning
film and theatre director
and produced by Kateřina

Below is the Czech Theatre Festival
Audience Award for Best Production.
Backstage with actors Matěj Hádek and Stanislav Zindulka and
director Vladimir Michalek.
After the Czech premiere: Matěj Hádek, Jeff Baron and
Stanislav Zindulka.
Česká televize
National Broadcast
is coming soon

Details to follow.
TV interview with Jeff Baron and
Czech translator Benjamin Kuras:
The Czech Republic
Visiting Mr. Green