Visites à Monsieur Green,
translated by
Michel Tremblay,
the most prominent French
Canadian playwright, began its
life in the summer of 2005 at Le
Théâtre La Dame Blanche in
Quebec.  Directed by
, produced by
Jean-Bernard Hébert, the
acclaimed production starred
Jean Guy as Mr. Green and
Louis-Olivier Mauffette as Ross

Jean Guy was nominated for
and Visites á Monsieur
Green for
Best Play at the
Soirée des Masques, French
Canada's annual theatre awards.

Since Autumn, 2005, celebrated
Albert Millard (shown right
with Louis-Olivier Mauffette),
celebrating his 50th year as an
actor, has starred as Mr. Green
as the production toured Canada
from coast to coast, and settled
in for the summer at Théâtre de
Rougement in Quebec.  
Canada - French
Visiting Mr. Green